In this panel, experts and stakeholders in higher education policy converge to address the transformative impact of AI on academia. They explore the evolving landscape of higher education policy, considering the integration of AI technologies, their implications for teaching and learning, and the broader societal implications.

Discussions delve into issues such as equity, access, privacy, and the ethical use of AI in shaping the future of higher education, fostering critical dialogue and strategic insights to navigate this rapidly evolving terrain.

Moderator: William “Bill” Anker, Executive Director, Strategic Programs Office of Information Technology, University of Alaska 

Dr. Helena Wisniewski, Marion Porter Chair, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Alaska Anchorage 
Dayne Broderson, Program Manager, Alaska Center for Energy & Power; Teaching Through Technology Lead, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Dr. Mike Jones, Research Assistant Professor of Economics, Institute for Social and Economic Reliance, University of Alaska Anchorage 
Kenrick Mock, Dean and Professor – Computer Science & Engineering, UAA