Closing Keynote

Join us as we reflect on the conversations surrounding AI and its impact and implications on Alaskan business, culture, education, and government. Keynote: David Reeser, Founder, OpiAIDClosing Remarks: Jon Bittner, State Director, Alaska SBDC

Luncheon Keynote: UAA Debate Team

Get ready for a thought-provoking luncheon keynote like no other! Join Master of Ceremonies Jon Bittner, Alaska SBDC State Director, as he hosts a captivating debate with the UAA Seawolf Debate Team on the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence development and deployment. Judges: Christine Resler, CEO, AES, and Christi Bell, Executive Director, UAA BEI …

Welcome Keynote

Kick off the SBDC Summit with Jon Bittner, Alaska SBDC State Director and Master of Ceremonies, enjoy remarks from UAA Chancellor Sean Parnell, and then dive into growth strategies with founders Shawn Greenway and Javier Velazquez, whose company Formwise is reshaping the future!